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The Pale Project is a collaboration between three homebrew-loving friends—Shawn Miller,
Tony Ochsner (co-owner of Micro Homebrew), and L&L brewer Nick Ladd—who cut their
craft teeth on early 2000’s pale ales, but also appreciate today’s more hop-forward pale
ales. This is an ongoing project that seeks to find the happy balance between traditional
and contemporary takes on pale ale. This iteration is lightly malty with a balanced dry hop
of Citra and Cascade.
This beer is brewed in honor of Shawn, L&L’s biggest supporter and loudest advocate. He
was an amazing human who always led by example and is fiercely missed by all who knew
him. We hope this project conveys his passion for the craft of beer making and captures
his spectacular spirit. A portion of proceeds from sales of this beer will be donated to the
Cascadia College Foundation to help fund the Shawn Miller Memorial Scholarship for First
Generation Students.

-Ladd & Lass