Libertine Dolcetto Rosé 2022 750ml


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This exceptional vineyard sits high in the hills ten miles west of Carlton. Dolcetto thrives in this environment and we are lucky enough to be able to work with the fruit.

This vintage was nothing short of exceptional. A mere 24 hours of cold maceration prior to pressing and ferment gave this wine its supernatural luminously electric color.

Neon maraschino cherry and strawberry
compote aromas make one turn their eyes to
the ceiling and gently close them in ecstatic
contemplation. Upon first sip, one is greeted
with succulent cherry pie and a pinch of
nutmeg. The finish screams Aperal and is as
long as daylight on the summer solstice.

Like all our other wines, it was spontaneously
fermented in neutral oak barrels with no
additions other than a fractional amount of
sulfite. Unfiltered and unfined. Pure and raw.

45 cases produced