Libertine Roam Red Wine 2021 750ml


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Every February we select three red barrels from our previous harvest that are shining hard. This year we chose two barrels of Tempranillo and one barrel of Lagrein to create a blend that no one else has been stupid enough to make. The result is one of the best wines we have ever made. We are incredibly proud to offer this bottle to you.

The essence of terra rises from the glass with a hint of funfetti birthday cake.
The palate is greeted with notes of dried raspberry, fresh watermelon seed, and Luxardo cherry.
It is intensely rich and yet incredibly light on its feet, displaying a youthful exuberance wise beyond its years.
A delicate elegance that is infinitely complex. An absolute stunner.

What is the meaning behind ”ROAM”?

We are all transient beings trapped within the workings of our immediate environment yearning for the romantic ideation of roaming the immense metaphorical plains without meaning or purpose simply free from the burdens of human existence.

Native vineyard yeast fermented with zero additives other than a fractional amount of sulfite. Unfiltered and unfined.