Limited Addition Public Service Piquette Red Blend 2021 750ml


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7.8 % 

Civic tasting notes: Fresh, grapey, clean, slightly dry, goes down very fast! Awesome brunch (breakfast??) wine. About piquette: Derived from the French word for “prick” or “prickle,” which describes the drink’s slight fizz, piquette dates to ancient Greek and Roman times, when it was known as lora. Considered a meager, cheap-to-produce drink made from the scraps of winemaking, it was given to slaves and field workers. In France, piquette is said to have been the preferred drink of vineyard workers at the lunch table, as its low alcohol encouraged post-lunch productivity rather than an alcohol-fueled stupor. In Italy, piquette has various names including acqua pazza, acquarello and vinello. Erin Rasmussen: “It’s not meant to be serious or profound,” she says. “It’s low abv, fizzy and crushable. From a winemaking standpoint, it’s appealing for the same reasons. There are no expectations. It’s delicious and fun to make. I am also convinced that the Venn diagram of beer drinkers and wine drinkers is slowly becoming one circle.” Piquette’s unpretentious appeal suggests we may soon see more of it, and that this style’s ugly duckling reputation may soon become a thing of the past.

-Wine Enthusiast