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My Father’s Pilsner was brewed with the homies from @obeliskbeerco and @grandfirbrewing, two new breweries that have just opened last week and next week respectively. Dave, Whitney, Nathan, and Doug are great humans who have been making fantastic beers and food forever and we can’t wait to see what they come up with as they build their futures in Oregon.

The beer is a hop forward West Coast Pilsner that showcases Citra cryo hops from @yakimachief and our hand selected Strata hops from @indiehops We also used a bit of Hallertau Mittlefruh and US grown Tettnang hops to lay a slightly earthy aroma base before the aroma hops were added to the dry hop. Pilsner malt along with a dash of Isaria 1924 and a smidge of flaked oats balance this beer beautifully with all of these hops.

Raspberry, peach-o rings, candied strawberry, and light herbal notes jump out of the glass. Enjoy.

-Living Haus