Lost Abbey Ultimate Box Set VIP Edition 2012


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Deep in the cellar, we recently stumbled upon this gem: The Lost Abbey Ultimate Box Set. Originally released at the brewery towards the end of 2012, the Ultimate Box Set includes 12 special edition Lost Abbey brews (plus a “bonus track”), hand-built road case, a custom designed record sleeve by Grammy Award winning art director Matt Taylor of Varnish Studio, double etched 12” vinyl record, laminated passes and certification of authenticity signed by Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey. Only about 500 cases were sold to the general public at the brewery, while 135 others were labeled as VIP Editions and went to individuals like Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head…and us. This is one of those VIP Editions. And it’s now in the webstore, for the first time outside of the brewery.

Track #01: Runnin’ with the Devil
Track #02: Stairway to Heaven
Track #03: Hells Bells
Track #04: Sympathy for the Devil
Track #05: Shout at the Devil
Track #06: Highway to Hell
Track #07: Devil Inside
Track #08: The Number of the Beast
Track #09: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Track #10: Bat Out of Hell
Track #11: Devil Went Down To Georgia
Track #12: Heaven and Hell
Track #13: Message in a Bottle