Lowercase/Bizarre Hit Me With a Flower New World Light Lager Can


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The best breweries these days do not stem from tech money, family money, or begging for money on the internet. The best ones take a more thoughtful, patient and measured approach. They come from people who sacrifice years of their lives and monetary progress sweeping floors, cleaning tanks and ringing up customers only to absorb what is behind the brewing curtain. With enough sacrifice they can work their way up…earning more and more responsibility, knowledge and experience so that they may one day put everything they hold dear on the line in order to open their own brewery in the hopes that they can fulfill and release their own vision. There are no better examples of this rare breed than Colette and Derek of @bizarrebrewing and we were honored to work with them on this beer.

We are both big fans of flavorful, lower abv beers that can be enjoyed in multitude and with hearty conversation at a long table with benches on either side. This little ditty was made with Weyermann Extra Pale Pilsner malt and something that mass market lagers hi-jacked long ago; rice syrup solids (a fancy name for rice sugar). We went well beyond the rice sugar manufacturers’ recommendations for a beer because we can and because we love learning and we are super happy with how this beer turned out. We used the finest Oregon-grown Cascade hops from @indiehops and the best New Zealand Motueka from @freestylefarms to season the malt and rice fermentation. For a while there, we thought we might’ve made sake? Or soda? But now we know, we just made some gooooood beer.