Lowercase/Fair State It’s All Steel American Dark Lager Can


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This is Meg…our Meg…she’s from Minnesota and her @fairstatecoop member number is 454. Meg is too cool for social media but if you’ve been to our taproom, you know who she is; she’s the shit. She is our connection to Fair State Brewing and the headlights that guide our decisions; we’d have veered off a cliff long ago without her. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around so when asked what she wanted to make, she told us stories about Minnesotan American Dark Lager growing up. When Fair State’s head brewer, @joewanderlust, listened, he jumped to action and found an old and treasured recipe from a Minnesotan Titan of brewing that we used to base our American Dark Lager recipe on and it’s a doozy, don’tcha know.

We used Rahr’s Northstar Pilsner malt along with Munich-style malt from our buds @lincmalt to create a light-bodied, dark lager. Liberty hops, our favorite Mittelfrueh look-alike grown here in the states and supplied by our buds @indiehops was used to lightly balance the heartier Munich malt. This may be the most slammable dark lager we’ve concocted to date – just another thing that makes it American…specifically Midwest American…the backbone of America’s brewing traditions.