Meinklang / Patagonia Thyme Blanc White Wine 2020 750ml


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There is so much to say about this bottle, but we’ll try to keep it concise. First off, yay Meinklang! If you don’t already know, Meinklang is a bit of a gateway producer for getting into natural wines with their consistent, affordable offerings. Their multi-use biodynamic farm is located in Burgenland, to the east of Lake Neusiedl along the Hungarian border. Here they raise cattle, grains, fruits, vegetables, and herbs alongside the vines in an Edenic return to diversity. All of this resonated with outdoor brand Patagonia, who recently launched an effort to sell natural wines alongside their tinned fish and other provisions, including this special bottling of pinot blanc infused with thyme. Although their foray into the wine world was short-lived, we were happy to snag some of this limited offering. Plenty of tasting notes on the back label, but we’ll add that it performed very well alongside a dinner of salmon and asparagus with miso butter, and really sang with the last bites of a leftover rhubarb galette. Regarding the thyme addition, mostly we just have questions not answers — but hey, it works!