Mirage/Special Brews Matter and Superposition Hazy Phantasm IPA Can


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Matter and Superposition is a NE-style IPA brewed in collaboration with @specialbrewswa in honor of their 11th (!) anniversary.

At the request of Jake Taylor, Special Brews’ proprietor and Nelson Sauvin superfreak, we leaned hard into Nelson’s thiol-laden tropical/white wine character.

First, we mash-hopped with Czech Saaz, a variety noted for its high content of bound thiols, and whirlpooled with a thiol-rich motherlode of @freestylehops Nelson, @phantasm.nz, and frozen Gewürtztraminer must from @brehmvineyards.

We then fermented this wort with a thiol-unlocking yeast strain designed by @berkeley_yeast and double-dry-hopped it with more @freestylehops Nelson and @crosbyhops‘ new Nelson CGX cryo-hops.

6.8% ABV and yeah, pricey. Whatever, though? Go for broke, go for glory, go Mariners