Mirage The September Issue Oak-Aged Mirabelle Plum Saison 2022 1.5L


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*THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE* is a blend of young and aged saisons conditioned in oak with heirloom Mirabelle plums from the Mirkovich homestead on Bainbridge Island. Mirabelles are illegal to import or sell in the United States, but it’s legal to grow them–these trees likely began as cuttings planted by the Mirkovichs generations ago. And while I’ve never harvested/seen a more beautiful fruit, its subtle character and lingering sweetness made for a challenging blending day. It took juuust the right amount of tart/aged saison to balance the young/fruited saison base without overpowering it entirely. Super honored to have worked with this fruit, and very proud of the result.

– Mirage