Nacho Mama’s When Sauvs Cry Hot Sauce (MEDIUM) 6oz


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When Sauvs Cry Pilsner du Vin began as a beer collaboration between Lowercase Brewing, Full Throttle Bottles, and ourselves. Then we passed some of that beer off to one of our favorite food truck: Nacho Mama’s Seattle. They worked their magic and now we have a collaboration within a collaboration. And a beutifully spicy one at that!


Flavors of Sauvignon Blanc, citrus, grassy sea shore and wild herbs. Heat rating 6/10. Pairs great with sashimi, tuna tacos, spring rolls, raw oysters, garlic prawns, coconut shrimp, grilled asparagus, Thai steak salad, rosemary chicken and tomato goat cheese salad.

-Nacho Mama’s