Nightmare Gunga Rao Pineapple + Coconut Sour Can


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8.3 % – SOUR IPA

Soured on Pineapple & Coconut, with Moroccan Mint, Sabro, Kohatu & Cashmere hops. 

Execution by Elephant or Gunga Rao,  originated in India & Southeast Asia as early as the 5th Century.  The versatility of Pachyderms is best described by their unique ability to torture humans  They would toss victims between each other, crush the breath from lungs, burst heads like grapes beneath their feet, dismember – courtesy of blades attached to their feet – and “rearrange” internal organs using tusks outfitted with weapons.  Their sheer strength and remarkable intelligence made them ideal for executing such in depth torture. 
Elephants were used by Rulers to show their indomitable rule AND CONTROL over all beings.