Off Color Staveyard Framboise 12oz


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The blending and fruiting of this beer creates numerous layers of complexity. Fruit tones from the red raspberry addition play off of the cherry oxidation and oak tannin structure from an extended barrel aged beer component. While the fresh beer in the blend contributes a touch of acidity and integrates malty sweetness. Pours with a deep mahogany color.


Our Oud Bruin, or Flanders brown, is a blend of batch lactobacillus soured, malty young ale and biere de garde aged in neutral oak barrels for 50 weeks. This is brewed opposite of traditional oud bruin blending as the acidity typically comes from the aged portion of the blend and is freshened by the young ale. Then the blended beer is re-fermented with a healthy dose of raspberries.

-Off Color