pFriem Cherry Brandy Barrel-Aged Belgian Dark Strong 2022 375ml


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Belgian tradition and Oregon brewing ingenuity do a little jig in cherry brandy barrels to deliver an alluringly complex beer, alive with layers of dark fruit, chocolate, caramel and fig, a best-of-both-worlds brew that’s robust and oh-so-smooth. Pairs with rich meats and cheeses, bold chocolates and mellow evenings.

pFriem’s Cherry Brandy Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong is a modern interpretation of this timeless style. We took our classic Belgian Strong Dark and aged it for 10 months in cherry brandy barrels. These casks are made of American oak that was previously used to age bourbon. This adds an additional layer of dark ripe fruit and further depth to the caramel and warm spice character. We then bottle-conditioned the beer with champagne yeast for a lively effervescence.

Pours a deep mahogany tinged with crimson edges when held to light. A large white head of ultrafine bubbles endlessly replenished by the effervescent carbonation. Aromas of fig, caramelized raisins, brandied cherries, and demerara sugar give way to sophisticated flavors of dried dates, toffee, cherry cordial, and baking spice.

– pFriem