Pouya Blanco Sauvignon Blanc 2022 Bagnum 1.5L


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A Sauvignon Blanc with superb balance that hits all of the descriptors for deliciousness, don’t let the container fool you, this is a serious wine. If balance in the mouth doesn’t get your attention, then the finish will – as clean and long as it is refreshing. All of this brings one to question why Fernanda didn’t put the full production into magnum format? Anyway, the production was so small that it hardly matters. Get it while you can.

There is as much to say about this wine as there is about the vessel that contains it. Those who still hold the bias that good wine does not come in bags have met their match.What started off as a solution to a bottle shortage, has become a passion for winemaker/owner Fernanda Parra who sites the drastically smaller footprint of bags compared to glass and cork (90% less) AND the ability of the wine to hold without degradation for up to a month after opening as major benefits of bags.

100% Sauvignon Blanc