Ravenna/Ruse RB² Hazy Phantasm IPA Can


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Collaboration is one of our favorite ways to try new things and look for ways to improve, and our collaboration with our friend at Ruse Brewing, we think we found a winning combination. Two of the most sought-after Southern Hemisphere hop varieties are joined by a whirlpool addition of New Zealand Phantasm. We employed the latest thiolized yeast strain from Omega, ‘Helio-Gazer’. This combination unlocks the true potential of Phantasm-reportedly 20x more potent than previous strains. The result is a hazy IPA positively loaded with powerful and expansive tropical aromatics and flavors. Guava, lychee, passionfruit and papaya are in abundance, followed by stone fruit, orange blossom and white wine grapes. Intense and juicy from start to finish, each sip demands your attention.

Hops: Peacharine, Nectaron, Citra Lupomax

Not Hops: Phantasm, Helio-Gazer