Seattle Beer School: Follow The Lupulin Road IPA Panel (5/19)


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On Wednesday, May 19th at 7pm we have an incredible Virtual IPA Panel of headbrewers/owners lined-up to talk all things IPA. Our friends Steve Luke of Cloudburst , Brad Benson of Stoup , Matt Storm of Fast Fashion, and Michael Dempster Mirage will follow us down the Lupulin Road to the wonderful land of hops! We’ll walk through a brew day and talk recipe formulation, hop additions, water chemistry, malt/grain, and maybe what type of music they listen to?! It’s going to quite the adventure.

Limited $50 tickets for access to the live virtual panel including SBS Beer Package™️  includes 1 beer from all 4 breweries that’ll be tasted during the panel,  plus other amazing goodies for your journey through hops. Delivery of SBS Beer Package™️ in Seattle area optional for an additional $10.

$25 for virtual class with no SBS Beer Package™️. No included beer but still fun. Perfect for our outside-of-Seattle friends 😉
-Seattle Beer School

Featured breweries:
1. Mirage
2. Fast Fashion
3. Stoup
4. Cloudburst


-All transations on our webstore include a $5 gratuity fee that goes to staff. If you ONLY purchase tickets to this class, we will refund the $5.

-SBS Beer Package™️ will be ready for pick up at Bottleworks starting 5/17. 


1 Ticket w/ Beer Package, + Home Delivery, 1 Ticket (BYOB)