Self Care Push the Little Daisies N/A Midwest IPA Can


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What the heck is a midwest IPA? Are we just making shit up now? Can you blame us when all these landlocked breweries are making West Coast this, and West Coast that? Definitely fans of strong malt profile, strong hopped IPA that was oozing out of the Midwest in 2012 – back in the day when someone would travel and fill a suitcase to bring back some goodies.

These were some of the best IPA’s I had ever had when I first started brewing. Different flavor profiles to the stuff I was making and drinking in Seattle. Huge hop saturation but the hop depth always seemed right on the edge of balanced. The malt profile always seemed to keep the beer in check, allowing drinkability. 

So following the vibe of Surly, Half Acre, Pipeworks, Bells, Founders, Toppling Goliath and so on, we present to you a tribute following the Half Acre playbook. Blending three base malts, bittering where we should, and even a little bit where we shouldn’t. Colombus, Chinook and Cashmere lead this hop trio. Blending form and function, two classic hops and an emerging hop in that timeframe (Cashmere in 2013). Following guidance for the water profile and bittering goals in this IPA. 

-Self Care