Self Care Scherler Easiest N/A Premium Light Lager Can


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Scherler Easiest now has a brand new look for a brand new year, and a new recipe. We loved the last batch – but we thought we could make it taste even more like your Dad’s crappy American Lager (in a good way – we promise!). So Brewer Aaron took all the lager knowledge his medalling (and meddling) brain has, and in combination with all the new knowledge he’s accumulated over the past two years experimenting with non-alcoholic brewing, came up with what we believe to be the best non-alcoholic American lager in the market. But we’ll let you decide.

We’re proud to introduce y’all to a brand new, year-round offerring, Scherler Easiest Non-Alcoholic Premium Shitty™ Light American Lager (wow, that’s a mouthful) (tee-hee, hell yeah it is). This flagship beer is being added alongside Freak Flag to our permanent line-up, and is a non-alcoholic version of Three Magnets, Scherler Easy Premium Shitty™ American Light Lager. 

-Self Care