SiG Dank Colored Marbles OG Kush Terpene Hazy Double IPA Can


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 Do you like terps? We bet you do. With hops and the WEED being so in-common with each other, and so many new terpene infusions coming on the market…we knew we had to dive deep and get something icky-sticky-dank, and we couldn’t just stop with the terps. Grabbing a hop-combo that would make any bruh-suh hard; we utilized SABRO INCOGNITO, a splash of COLUMBUS LUPOMAX, then just a touch of NZ CASCADE. After additions we added a tasty-terp addition of some OG KUSH TERPS right over this heady-af DIPA. No, it’s not REAL weed derived terpenes, we can’t use those, but it’s as close as we can come. So if you work for the post-office or some really cool goverment job and they decide to pee-test you, at least this beer won’t get you fired. We promise. But also, that would suck.