Sig Grandma Pat’s Black Currant-Blackberry Crumble Pastry Smoothie Can


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Smoothie Style Black Currant and Blackberry Cobbler – w/ Black Currants, Blackberry, Graham Cracker, Vanilla, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon.

!!!DOES NOT CONTAIN LACTOSE!!! (Can says it does, oops, our fault.)

Taking time off from her rigorous instagram influencing schedule (yet again) over at @Grandma_Pat_The_Cat…Grandma Pat has baked up yet another special pastry treat. A Black Currant & Blackberry Crumble! Decadent black currant, blackberry, brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla collide for some of Grandma Pat’s best pastry work yet.

Thicccc? Yes. Fruity? Yes. Basically a dessert in a can? You know it.