Sig Puree Passionfruit + Orange + Guava Smoothie Hard Seltzer Can


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Yes, its gluten free!

As the lines of what is beer, what is hard seltzer and what is smoothie seemingly fade away, a new style emerges. A top contender for probably the most ridiculous thing ever. But if you know us, we are all for that.

Smoothie meet seltzer, seltzer meet smoothie. POG, meet hard seltzer. We aimed to put enough real fruit (Passionfruit, Orange and Guava) in this beer to fuel 8 smoothie franchise chains. We think we delivered that pure unadulterated fruit juice you all crave. Literally the most fruit we have put in a product ever. If you like some beer (seltzer?) with your fruit, you have come to the right place. STORE COLD and Upside down at home in your fridge, this is a thicccccccccc one, some fruit may have settled.

Whats it taste like? Get some POG juice, and drink that…..we think you get the picture. ITS LITERALLY JUIIIIIIIICE!!!