SiG The Fair is Canceled Blue Cotton Candy Sour Can


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While the fair isn’t Canceled this year (trust us, we are HYPE to see us some Nelly at the fairgrounds, it’s getting SO hot in here.) 2020 sucked, a lot. When the Washington State Fair was canceled we knew we had to do SOMETHING to bring the joy back to the region. Introducing “The Fair is Canceled” a blue cotton gose designed to pair well with Volcano Burgers, Ferris Wheels, Tilt-A-Whirl, and strung out carnies. The first time we have re-brewed this beer since 2020! Pouring a bright blue, while REEKING of your fingers after inhaling a stick of the fluffy-stuff, it’s not overly sweet! More of a tart-summer crusher, we are sure this blue can-of-fluff won’t be around for long.