SiG Thiol Driver Phantasm Hazy IPA Can


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ALLLLLLRIGHT BROTHERRRRR. Are you ready for a PILEDRIVERRR right onto your taste buds, bud?! Not familiar with Thiols? Don’t worry, we can explain it to you when we put you in that figure four. Thiols are basically an active aromatic compound that kick off some pretty badass aroma and flavor profiles we think you all will love. Think a MYRIAD of stuff like persimmon, passionfruit, guava and honestly, a laundry list of flavors we love. These thiols are super-expressive and pronounced in….you guessed it….Sauvignon Blanc Grapes! So we added some grape must on top of some Ella and Topaz Hops.

Haven’t tapped out yet?
NEXT we added some Phantasm powder, this fancy new stuff all-the-cool-kids are playing with, which is….you guessed it… basically Sauvignon Blanc powder! AND WE DIDN’T STOP WITH THAT. Picking you up and THIOL DRIVING your taste buds into the mat, we fermented this with a Thiol producing yeast “Tropics” courtesy of Berkeley Yeast. 1, 2, 3. IPAMANIA JUST RAN WILD ON YOU.