Sovereign Do Not Go Gentle Oak-Aged Cab Franc Saison 2021 500ml


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The first of three grape refermentations called Do Not Go Gentle. Each was made with different wine grapes and each pairs the unique nature of the grape varietals with different aged beers. Today, we are releasing the Cabernet Franc varietal, which went through a secondary fermentation in a stainless tank with a beer that was fermented and aged in oak for 17 months using a wild culture. Finally, it was bottle conditioned with wine yeast for 3 months before release. The original beer carries oak character through to the final marriage with wine, and the result is a stunner. At 10% ABV, think of it as red wine for the summer months, slightly more acidic and lighter bodied than you might find Cab Franc wines and moderately carbonated. The wildness of the underlying beer is tame and just present enough to build layers. In Belgium, this marriage of beer is often called “druivenbier” (grape translates to “druif”) and we are adopting this style name to describe this process.