Straffe Hendrik Scotch Whiskey Oak-Aged Quad 2017 750ml


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The Heritage is an aged version of the Quadruple and has been stored in oak barrels for over a year, giving the beer a complex flavour and rich aroma. The 2017 Heritage version was stored in Irish Whisky barrels. Straffe Hendrik Quadruple is a rich and intense dark beer of high fermentation. It is brewed using a subtle mixture of special malts, which give the beer an extremely dark colour and a complex full malt character. This Quadruple combines a pure dryness with a rich fullness, flavoured with just a hint of fruit. The continuing process of re-fermentation in the bottle creates a beer which can be stored over a number of years, with an ever-changing and ever-improving taste as a result.

-Straffe Hendri