The North Fork/Brouwer’s No. 13 Baby Oak-Aged Pluot Sour Ale 2018 750ml


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This bottle conditioned sour ale began its life as a blonde beer made from Pilsner Malt and a combination of malted, unmalted, and torrefied wheat. It was hopped during a long boil with hops aged over six years, . After undergoing a spontaneous fermentation in a handmade coolship, the younger beer was racked to oak barrels for three years. After trying several barrels with the crew from Brouwer’s, we created a custom blendand re-racked onto 180 pounds of Washington grown, organic Pluots for a four month secondary fermentation. 
The end result is a beautifully rose, tart, sour ale that we couldn’t have been more proud to make. Cheers, Brouwer’s!