The North Fork/Brouwer’s Vern’s Peach Tea Port Barrel-Aged Peach Sour 2021 375ml


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Last year, Vern, Nat & Cannon of Brouwer’s and Eric of North Fork teamed up to make a beer remensicent of lazy wekend days and Vern’s family roots in Alexandria, Louisiana. That brew was a hit, blending a crisp acidity with the sweetness of those Sweet Dream peaches. It really was perfect for a warm evening. Those components are the same this year, so Eric decided to really explore the third element of the brew, the tea itself. After sampling many black yea leaves he settled on Golden Pu-erh from China and Yen Bai, a Vietnamese leaf, and let each sit with blonde sour beer in ruby port barrels until the fina; fifty-fifty blend. The result in an ale with a stronger tea presence that plays perfectly with the sweet stone fruit. This blend was then bottle conditioned with the wild flower honey so that it may be enjoyed today, in the summer, or at your next fais to-do when we’re allowed to veiller again. Sante!

-The North Fork