Timber City N/A Pear + Cardamon Ginger Beer Can


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PEARS: Pears are a great source of vitamins C and K and are loaded with fibre. In addition, they are a superb source of ployphenolic compounds called flavanoids that promote heart health, and prevent Type 2 Diabetes and cancer. Throughout history pears have been shared during the Holiday season because they are some of the last of summer’s fruits hardy enough to hang around well into the winter.

CARDAMOM: Used in both sweet and savory dishes worldwide, Cardamom has an intense slightly sweet flavor and is considered to be one of the worlds oldest known spices. It can aid in digestion (a great pairing with ginger) and helps reduce inflammation.

Pear and Cardamom are a dynamic duo, sweet and spicy and perfect for a refreshing and grounding wintery treat or a festive cocktail or mocktail!

Pears are naturally sweet and when paired with the healing and protective properties of ginger, that flavor increases. Fresh ginger is anti-inflammatory, a digestion aid, an immune booster and sage and thyme are anti-fungal. The cans are a perfect compliment to any meal and a fresh growler fill could keep you glowing for days.