Timber City N/A Plum + Quince Ginger Beer Can


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Well, plums are of course good for your digestion, surely everyone knows the old “a prune a day keeps the blockage away”? Right?….Regardless, they are great for your gut and their phytochemicals and nutrients help reduce the inflammation that leads to heart disease. Plums also help reduce your blood sugars and promote bone health. They also help regulate your blood pressure which in turn reduces anxiety which is PERFECT for this time of the year, sooooo, just saying, you should drink these plums.

Quince always has a lovely floral scent, but the ones grown by Once in a Blue Moon smell like a Starburst flower, in the very best way. Quince, originally grown in ancient Greece and Rome, were said to represent love and fertility and are related to apples and pears. They have a bunch of fiber, support colon health, have immune boosting antioxidants, help relieve nausea and acid reflux, and have antibacterial properties. 

-Timber City