Timber City South Sound Pounder: Saturn Peach Ginger Beer Can


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There are so many different kinds of peaches, it’s hard to keep track of all that goodness, but for the most part they all do the same groovy thangs for your bod. First, all the vitamins! Peaches are nature’s cake, cause there are vitamins C,A,K,E! (I just figured that out and am feeling pretty proud of myself :)) Peaches are full of potassium which decreases your sodium levels and helps with muscle cramping and soreness. They are also a great source of dietary fiber which revs your metabolism, keeps you full and also regular 🙂 Peaches also have been shown to lower your blood glucose levels, are great for your skin, help with allergies, and have immunity boosting antioxidants. So enjoy this long awaited season my friends, I know we will! Chug a peach, chug a lug!

-Timber City