Tommie Sjef Cuvee Oak-Aged Pinot Blanc + Muscat + Olsasz Rizling Wild Ale 2022 750ml


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This vintage of Cuvée is a blend of extensively macerated beer on Pinot Blanc grapes, some fresher beer on Muscat grapes and a touch of spontaneously fermented wine of Olasz Rizling grapes. The result is an aromatic, appetizing wild ale with a rich acidity and dry finish.
In the nose I detect lychee, melon, elderflower which comes from the Muscat grapes. Further on – white almond, also some tangerine, honey, and a pronounced brett aroma, like hay and barnyard, but in a complementary way. Also in the taste the lychee and melon are present, together with a fruity, firm acidity and a slight and pleasant astringency from the wood and tannins of the grapes. There is also a certain spiciness and minerality coming from the pinot blanc grapes. Cuvée ends dry, with some oak and mineral and citrus notes.
We recommend to drink Cuvée (2022) either right away to have the grape character come through, or give it some more aging (6 months+ ) to balance out the base beer and grape character.
Store our beers upright or lying down in a cool, dark place. Our beers are best enjoyed between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius.