Upright/Ex Novo Deep Fried Frenz Barrel-Aged Saison Can


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Nearest and dearest north Portland neighbors Upright Brewing and Ex Novo Brewing got together to collaborate on a new wild blended concoction with beer from both breweries called ‘Deep Fried Frenz.’ Ex Novo head brewer Ryan Buxton is a huge fan of Upright Brewing’s botanical and tart annual release Special Herbs and had the opportunity to blend it with their own mixed-culture barrels for this intertwined release.

Upright Brewing Owner/Brewer Alex Ganum first approached Buxton with the idea to blend some of the barrel-aged Special Herbs with some of Buxton’s ongoing mixed-culture barrels and they ended up focusing on saisons from each brewery. Over the course of numerous blending sessions in Ex Novo’s barrel room, the two brew crews settled on one straight wine barrel-aged Saison, one barrel that was conditioned on Gin botanicals, and yet another Gin barrel with a mixed culture Kviek. The result of this blend is entirely unique, truly a time-and-place beer. Packaged for the first time in 16oz cans and available at Ex Novo for limited time.