Urban Family/Full Throttle Bottles NTM Syrah Barrel-Aged Rose Sour 500ml


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3rd Anniversary beer for our homies at Full Throttle Bottles

NTM started as a saison base with 2-row, malted and flaked wheat, and flaked oats. It was originally fermented with one of our favorite saison strains, and Syrah grape juice from Two Vintners was added during primary fermentation. The beer was then transferred into Syrah barrels from Efeste, and each barrel was topped off with a small amount of house mixed-culture from one of our foudres. A year later, very small amounts of strawberry and cucumber were added and allowed to re-ferment and condition for an additional 2 months. It was then bottled and conditioned with a champagne yeast. The result is a sour reminiscent of a rosé, with gentle notes of strawberry and watermelon rind.

-Urban Family