Urban Family The Book of Bonney Chapter 1 Barrel-Aged Imperial Cherry Belgian Ale 2021 500ml


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Barrel Aged Imperial Belgian Ale with Cherries honoring the life of Matt Bonney.

Legacies are like books, they remain unchanged, are often referenced, and remain interpreted differently by those who recall their words. For this reason we wanted to dedicate a series of beers to our friend, our brother, our partner, and colleague, Matt Bonney.  For those who navigated the alcohol-fed currents of commerce, Matt Bonney represented a lighthouse. Whether it was a casual piece of advice, education, an employment opportunity, or a partnership, Matt welcomed all. But he was also my brother, my friend, and during my formative adulthood, my mentor. Lost to all in 2019, I sought a way to honor him while inspiring others to carry on his legacy. Welcome to the Book of Bonney.

Shortly after Matt passed away, I came up with the idea for a series of beers that were like my brother, unique. Like Matt, these beers challenged those who made them to test the definition of beer. A former brewer himself, Matt empathised with what it took to produce something unique. Pushing the limits of what defined beer, Matt’s beers reflected him, sturdy and able to withstand the passage of time.

Emblazoned with the family name, The Book of Bonney will continue that legacy – big, bold beers, made side-by-side by breweries and the people that loved him. Helping educate the consumer in his diplomatic ways.  Broken into Chapters, each beer will not only represent a moment in Matt’s life, but will include stories from those who knew him. In their words, you will learn more about Matt’s life paired with a beer as unique as the stories and the man for whom I dedicate this series.

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