Von Ebert Quality of Silence Barrel-Aged Cherry Saison 2020 500ml


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Blended mixed-culture beer w/ light Rainier cherry addition; (tart, citrus,marzipan, hint of cherry) 

The Quality of Silence is a blend of a single puncheon and a beer from one of our open-top foeders. The base beer for the puncheon portion consisted of a blend of European pilsner malts and North American un-malted white wheat. This was fermented with our favorite farmhouse ale strain in stainless steel, then moved to puncheons. For the mixed-culture, we propped up the brett blend that was used in the making of Bouquet Blanc as well as culturing microflora off of some Glenora grapes from my backyard that we propped up. For the open-top foeder portion of the blend, the base consisted of two different foeder aged beers and some “clean” stainless fermented Saison. All of this was blended into the open-top, or removable top foeder. We then pitted 350 lbs of Rainier cherries from our friends at Evans Fruit Company in Moshier, Oregon. We also bagged and added 28 lbs of the pits to the foeder for flavor. During the first part of the fermentation of the fruit, we performed a punch-down multiple times to maximize fruit contact with the microbes in the beer and to allow CO2 to escape through the cap of floating cherries. The top was then sealed and we let the beer mature on the fruit for a while longer. Rainier cherries aren’t a very flavor-forward cherry but have a nice acid to sugar ratio that we wanted to play around with. We then held a blending session at Glendoveer with the entire brewing staff. The goal was to get all the brewers familiar with what we had in the oak, but also to try to create a few blends that we could use in the future. One of the advantages to using more people than just Jason (Hansen) and myself for the blending process is that we get a broader palate spectrum and therefore more complex blends to work with. The one blend that most everyone landed on, was the blend that was used to create this beer. By blending in the puncheon beer, we reduced the cherry flavor a bit, but the resulting beer is dynamic and really shows off the sum of the parts. 

-Von Ebert