Watts Red Mason Rye Amber Can


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We took inspiration for the Red Mason Rye from the centuries of European brewing history where beer was brewed with the grains at hand, whether barley, wheat, or rye.  Rye beers were brewed in all manner of styles, beyond the roggenbier and kvass remembered today.

Our take on this tradition maintains the continental European roots, using our signature Kölsch yeast to produce a dry, crisp beer reminiscent of German altbier.  The hefty portion of rye lends an earthy and faintly spicy quality, balanced and accentuated by Yakima-grown Mt Hood hops.  The result is a malt forward, yet dry balance with subtle fruit-like fermentation character and moderate hop bitterness.

The beer takes its name from a bee also endemic to Europe, the Red Mason Bee (Osmia bicornis).  Like it’s cousin, the Blue Orchard Bee, this species builds its nest from mud or other earthen material, hence the “mason” in the name.  However it has a distinct appearance, covered in dense orange-brown hair that parallels the hazy amber color of the beer that bears its name.