Watts The Leafcutter Kolsch Can


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The Leafcutter bee–so named for its nest built from snippets of leaves–is a species from central Europe that was brought to North America to pollinate the notoriously difficult alfalfa flower, but has since proven equally adept with other crops such as canola and blueberries.

This beer also finds its origins in central Europe, in the ales of Köln, Germany.  They lead with delicate pilsner malt, followed by prominent hop bitterness in the finish.  Though the yeast is technically a top-fermenting ale strain, it is unique in that it works at cooler temperatures, producing a clean, crisp fermentation like a lager.

We’ve adapted this style to our American tastes by sprinkling in Washington-grown Simcoe hops–the kind of leaf IPA lovers would build a nest out of. Used here in a supporting role, they open up to display layers of nuance—floral, apricot, and pine—drowned out in bolder beers.

The Leafcutter provides a fine upgrade for lager drinkers who just want a good beer, yet displays the delicate balance and complexity beer snobs (like ourselves) demand.  We hope you enjoy this beer as much as we do!