White Bluffs Nectar of the Gods Hazy IPA Can


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this came to me so insanely hyped up from people i dont really know but kind of instinctively trusted, and it did not disappoint. my first beer from them in years and years, a very modern, very fresh, very distinctive ipa, rightly named, and just gorgeous. hazy and dry hoppy, resinous and bright, with some bitterness too and some oily heft, its bold as they come, but still curiously drinkable, and was easily my favorite of the handful of beers i had from them on my recent washington trip. it smells like smashed mangoes, oranges, and pinecones, all put together, with an obvious weedy aromatic as well, and some greenness without the usual bite, enough bitterness here for this to seem balanced. the fruity hops in the flavor are strong, but its botanical too, juniper and spruce to me, even lemongrass, and good pot again too. its sticky at first in the feel, but then weirdly sort of clean to finish, but not quite dry either. the hops linger in their fresh glory, and people are right to be excited about this one, i was even on a brutal hangover, and i recommend it highly. its been awhile since ive gotten too excited about any ipa types, but this one really turned me on. great stuff from white bluffs here!

-Some fuckin’ guy on Beeradvocate.com with a Grateful Dead profile picture who sucks at writing but knows that this beer is the shit!