Wild Arc Sparkling Rosato Piquette 2021 Can


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Piquette has become quite a phenomenon recently, with many wineries bottling something similar, often using the name Piquette on the label, but Todd should really be credited with bringing this French tradition back into the spotlight. Originally, Piquette was something wineries would serve to their harvest workers. Something pleasant they could drink that wasn’t so high in alcohol they wouldn’t be able to work hard in the vines. The basic concept–to use the cast-offs from winemaking including the leftover must, stems, and seeds–is wonderfully zero-waste, and Todd’s version is zhuzhed up with a bit of the original wine and some local honey for a fine sparkle.

Wild Arc piquettes are sold in cans, offering a more compact, transportable, and environmentally friendly container.

Making of: The pomace is soaked in water and ferments to a low alcohol fizzy beverage thanks to the addition of something sweet (local honey in Todd’s case). Blended with a bit of wine to reach 7% ABV. No…

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