Wild Creatures Tears of St. Laurent Wild Grape Ale 33cl


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A spontaneously fermented ale with grapes. “Saint Laurent grapes are famous for its delicious aroma and flavour. Wild Creature’s own vineyard vegetates on a limestone riff with southwest orientation. It means enough sun and great conditions for the best quality.” Ilčíková notes.

Aged in an oak barrel for 18 to 24 months, this beer has a beautiful translucent garnet color with soft cherry blossom pink head. With its effervescence, the beer gently dances on the palate. Notes of sherry and vanilla hit immediately on the nose, joined by flavors of rounded acidity and berries on the palate. While it’s pleasantly complex in aromas and flavors, it finishes clean without any lingering characteristics. I strongly recommend seeking out their unique spontaneous ales the next time you visit the Czech Republic.