Eden Tree Beards Hoppy Cider Can


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Get it while you can – Tree Beard is bound by our commitment to seasonality and priority on using locally grown ingredients. Every year we get our hops from Champlain Valley Hop Farm the day they’re harvested. A mixture of centennial, cascade, and willamette hops are gently floated into the cider and carefully punched down for 7 days by our small team. It’s a process which keeps the hops hydrated and gets the flavors going. We use a 5-gallon tincture press to process small batches of the cider – a tedious process that ensures that only the gentle, floral notes from the hops imbue into the cider. This delicate process creates a cider that drinks more like a sauvignon blanc than a cider or a beer – with wine like floral notes and a fruity soft finish.