Frukt Stereo The Fruit Pét-Nat Formerly Known as Cider 2020 750ml


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TFPFKAC, is our fruit petnat that is predominantly based on macerations with red fruits. This natural sparkling fruit wine (Fruit Pét-Nat) consists of 80% Apples (Kim and Ingrid-Marie) that have been co-fermented with 10% pears (Concorde), 10% rondo grapes, plums, cherries & black berries, for about a month in the same tank. Despite mainly consisting of apples, the goal with this cuvee is to use apples as a base for macerations, to extract as much flavor from the berries, plums and grapes. We also added pears, to include a bit of residual sugar, for balancing out the cuvee. The result is a big velvety fruit bomb, with lots energy and vibrance.

The fruit is gathered from all over Skåne. Apples & cherries from Axelstorp – a traditional orchard in northwest Skåne. Planted in the 1940s and today managed without pesticides or herbicides by Magnus Nilsson. Other fruits: Klagshamn (Malmö), Hällåkra (Grönby), Solberga (Dalby) and Haväng (Kivik); all local fruit producers with a natural growing approach.