Wein Goutte Apfel Cidre 2021 750ml


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In 2021 Christoph and Emily from Wein Goutte made two ciders, this lightly sparkling “Apfel Cidre” and the still “Vin de Pommes.” Technically this sparkling cider is called an “Apfelperlwein” in German, which is cute.
This sparkling cider is made from their apples, their neighbours’ apples, and from their beloved poultry producer, who has a few apple trees. They are all certified organic.
This is fresh and thirst quenching, very delicate at only 7% alcohol, with a lovely herbal edge, rosemary, sage and maybe some other rather oily and delicately bitter greens line the very outer edges of this cider. They bottled the cider in December of 2022.